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Canton Central School District is now using the One Call Now Notification System for emergency and informational alerts.
The One Call Now System is able to send alerts using telephone calls, text messages, and emails.  Parent/guardians of CCSD students will receive notifications based upon the contact information that is currently on file with the District.  If you have not received our recent alerts or you need to update your information, please contact the appropriate building secretary at, 315-386-8561.
Grades Pk-4 extension 41300
Grades 5-8 extension 42300
Grades 9-12 extension 43300
Question: How do I opt out of receiving a phone call?
Answer: While listening to a message on your phone, press the Star (*) key to remove your phone number
from the list. You may also use the My Call Now Self-Update Portal to manage your contact information.

Question: How do I get texts instead of calls?
Answer: By opting-in to text messaging you will receive a text instead of a call when notifications happen.
To opt-in:Text the word ALERT to 22300
Question: Does my contact information get updated for the school if I use the One Call Now Self Update link?
Answer: No. You must contact the appropriate building secretary to update your child's Parent/Guardian contact info.
Adding Contacts
If you would like to add additional telephone contacts, receive text messages or provide an email address for alerts, use the My Call Now Self-Update Portal.  To register, you will need to use the telephone number and email address that is on file for your student.
Opt Out of Text messages and/or Emails:
    • At the bottom of an email message, click the "Opt Out" link to remove your email address from the notification list. This is an immediate opt out.
    • To opt out from receiving text messages on your cell phone:
    • Open a blank text message, in the recipient field type 22300, in the message field type
      STOP and click send.
Messages will come from the following sources:
Phone - 877-698-3261
Text - 22300
* If you have accidentally opted out from receiving notifications and would like to be reinstated, email [email protected] and include your full name, students name and the phone number or email you opted out with.