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Computer and Room Scheduling

Click the link below for the calendar you wish to view full sized, or scroll down the page to view them all in one place. 
To schedule a time: click the 'add calendar' to add that lab to your own calendar page.  At the prompt click 'yes add this calendar'.  You may then click on a time of day and select the desired location under the Calendar drop-down menu.  After adding a calendar it will always appear in your list of choices at
If at any point you no longer wish to see a calendar in your list of options. While your cursor is over the desired calendar under 'My calendars' click the downward facing arrow and choose 'Hide this calendar from the list'.
Banford LRC Chromebook Cart
Banford LRC Chromebook Cart 2
HSLRC Chromebook Cart 1
HSLRC Chromebook Cart 2
HS 'B' Lab (H122)
HS 'J' Lab (H121)
Lower Lecture Hall
MS Downstairs Lab (M118)
MS Upstairs Lab (M216)
Upper Lecture Hall