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Board of Education

Canton Central School Board of Education 2021-22
Victor Rycroft, President (2024)
Wendy Todd, Vice-President (2024)
Robert Larrabee (2025)
Christopher Marquart (2024)
Christina Martin (2023)
Arthur Quackenbush (2023)
Denise Sero (2025)
Jessica Sierk (2025)
Daniel Thomas (2023)
Clerk of the Board
Danielle Brown
Superintendent of Schools
Ronald P. Burke
Business Manager
Denise Folsom
Board of Education District Clerk
Danielle Brown
District Finance
Tax Payments

Canton Central School District Residents now have the option of paying school taxes online with a credit card. A small convenience fee applies. Using the following link, click "Look Up Your Bill" then "Proceed to Payment" and checkout with MuniciPay. For more information, contact Heidi Smith, Tax Collector (315-386-3735).

2022-23 Budget Vote Results - May 17, 2022


The overall budget for the 2022-23 school year passed with 356 votes in favor, and 75 votes against. The Transportation proposition passed with 366 votes in favor and 61 against. The Canton Free Library Proposition also passed with 354 votes in favor, and 76 votes against. 


Robert Larabee, Jessica Sierk, and Denise Sero were each elected to the school Board of Education for three year terms with 348, 274, and 299 votes respectively. Arthur Quackenbush was elected, as a write-in candidate, to serve a one year term to replace Kate Halleron Murphy with 197 votes.

We would like to thank all those community members that came out to vote this year. We are grateful, as always, for the unwavering support of our community. 



Proposed 2022-23 Budget

  • Pass or Fail?                                      Pass      
  • # of yes votes:                                  356
  • # of no votes:                                   75
  • Budget % of approval:                    83%


Board of Education Election

  • School board candidate vote totals: 
    • Robert Larabee                       348
    • Jessica Sierk                             274
    • Denise Sero                              299
    • Write-in: Arthur Quackenbush  197


Transportation Proposition

  • Bus proposition pass or fail:         Pass
  • # of yes for bus:                              366
  • # of no for bus:                                61
  • Bus % approval:                               86% 


Canton Free Library Resolution

  • CFL Proposition pass or fail:         Pass
  • # of yes:                                            354
  • # of no:                                             76
  • % approval:                                       82%