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Canton Central School Medication Policy
The following is an overview of Canton Central School district's policy for administering medication in school. Medication will only be given in accordance with this policy.
  • A written request from the prescribing physician is required for medication to be administered in school. This includes prescription medications and those you can purchase over the counter.
  • Parents must also provide a written request/permission for a student to receive medication in school.
  • All medications must be transported to school by a parent or other designated adult and given to the school nurse.
  • All medication must come in a properly labeled and dated bottle. All prescribed medications must come in their original containers.
  • Students may carry and self-medicate (applies to inhalers and epi-pens) ONLY is the physician's ordered and parent permission slip authorizes this in writing. Students have the full responsibility of handling and administering the approved medication, as the school nurse need not be present to supervise this. Students who are not capable or who abuse the order to self-medicate will have to have the medication administered by the school nurse, in the Health Office. 
Medication orders must be renewed each school year or any time there is a change in the medication order. All forms are available through the nurse's office, or on the school webpage.