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Continuity of Learning Plan

Canton Central School Pandemic and Continuity of Services Plan




"Personal protective equipment" shall mean all equipment worn to minimize exposure to hazards, including gloves, masks, face shields,foot and eye protection, protective hearing devices, respirators, hard hats, and disposable gowns and aprons.


"Public employer" or "employer" shall mean the state of New York, a county, city, town, village or any other political subdivision or civil division of the state, a public authority, commission or public benefit corporation, or any other public corporation, agency, instrumentality or unit of government which exercises governmental power under the laws of this state, provided, however, that this subdivision shall not include any employer as defined in section twenty-eight hundred one-a of the education law.


"Contractor" shall mean an individual performing services as party to a contract awarded by the state of New York or any other public employer defined in paragraph b of this subdivision.


"Essential" shall refer to a designation made that a public employee or contractor is required to be physically present at a work site to perform his or her job.


"Non-essential" shall refer to a designation made that a public employee or contractor is not required to be physically present at a work site to perform his or her job.


"Communicable disease" shall mean an illness caused by an infectious agent or its toxins that occurs through the direct or indirect transmission of the infectious agent or its products from an infected individual or via an animal, vector or the inanimate environment to a susceptible animal or human host.


"Retaliatory action" shall mean the discharge, suspension, demotion, penalization, or discrimination against any employee, or other adverse employment action taken against an employee in the terms and conditions of employment.



Section 1: A list and description of positions and titles considered essential in the event of a state-ordered reduction of in-person workforce, and a justification of such consideration for each position and title included.


For the purposes of identifying essential workers, Canton Central School has established three tiers of essential workers.

  • Tier I encompasses any position in which all job duties must be performed fully in person, with no exceptions.
  • Tier II includes positions in which some job duties must be performed in person, but some duties can be performed remotely.
  • Tier III designated employees can perform all duties remotely, except for potential exigencies that must be performed in person.

Following are a list of base assumptions with respect to essential staffing:

  • Meaningful instruction will continue during any partial or full closure related to a pandemic.
  • In accordance with Federal or State regulations, meals will be provided to all students on at least a weekly basis.
      • Transportation services will be necessary for meal and material delivery at least on a weekly basis.
      • Transportation will be provided to students as deemed necessary by State Order.
      • Transportation maintenance will be necessary at a level proportionate to the use of the buses.
  • Maintenance and cleaning will be necessary at a level proportionate to building use.
  • Communication lines will be staffed daily.
  • Technology infrastructure will be maintained daily.


See the Addendum for a list of Essential Employee classifications for each job title.



1Section 2: A specific description of protocols the employer will follow in order to enable all non-essential employees and contractors to telecommute including, but not limited to, facilitating or requesting the procurement, distribution, downloading and installation of any needed devices or technology, including software, data, office laptops or cell phones, and the transferring of office phone lines to work or personal cell phones as practicable or applicable to the workplace.


Canton Central School will work with employees to provide access to technology.


  • Canton Central School will annually survey all employees to determine individual ability to work remotely.
  • The Superintendent’s Office will distribute the survey and coordinate with the IT Department to ensure that gaps in device or internet access are met to the greatest extent possible.
  • Annual training will be provided as necessary to develop staff familiarity with District devices and platforms.
  • The IT Help Desk is monitored each day during normal school hours to assist staff with technology issues.
  • Employees will continue to comply with applicable laws and cybersecurity guidelines.
  • Devices will be provided by the employer and equipped with antivirus and applicable security settings including pre-loaded software programs and applications.
  • Any adjustments to the work provided devices should be arranged through the technology services and/or local IT helpdesk staff. All connections will be via secure transmissions either through the vendor/website or a secure VPN service.
  • Canton Central School’s phone system allows for the transferring of incoming calls to personal cell/home phones to accommodate remote work duties.




Section 3: A description of how the employer will, to the extent possible, stagger work shifts of essential employees and contractors in order to reduce overcrowding on public transportation systems and at worksites.


  • In the event that building capacity must be reduced:
      • Tier I essential employees have work shifts staggered through arrival and departure time.
      • Tier I essential employees may be provided alternate work spaces to ensure adequate social distancing.
      • Tier II essential employees shall be staggered by having these employees perform duties that must be performed in person at different times or days such that the fewest number of Tier II essential employees will be in person at any given time.
          • Tier III essential employees, when responding to an exigency that requires in person presence, will to the extent possible based on the exigency, report to the worksite and leave the worksite at times when the fewest number of essential employees are at the worksite. Meetings of onsite staff should be scheduled virtually.
      • Should the need arise to limit building occupancy and/or stagger work schedules and shifts, each supervisor will develop a weekly or bi-weekly schedule that establishes adjusted shifts, hours, or days for in-person reporting and share that schedule with employees.


Section 4: A description of the protocol the employer will implement in order to procure the appropriate personal protective equipment for essential employees and contractors, based upon the various tasks and needs of such employees and contractors in a quantity sufficient to provide at least two pieces of each type of personal protective equipment to each essential employee and contractor during any given work shift over at least six months. Such description shall also include a plan for storage of such equipment to prevent degradation and permit immediate access in the event of an emergency declaration.


Ordering of Supplies will be an essential part of safe operations due to requirements for PPE and additional disinfection and cleaning products. Canton Central School has designated a single point of contact for ordering of supplies and maintaining an appropriate level of PPE inventory throughout the school year to ensure adequate PPE and cleaning supplies are available at all times.


Supplies Ordering Contact:

Scott Sanderson

Transportation and Facilities

Canton Central School

99 State Street

Canton, NY 13617

(315) 386-8561Ext. 44333

[email protected]



  • Canton Central School will follow proper procurement procedures to order these supplies as outlined by District Policy and Office of General Services protocols.
  • Supplies may be ordered through the SLL BOCES Cooperative Purchasing service. Although bids for custodial supplies and health supplies are bid once per year (February/March), orders can be placed until September 30th. Relevant bids are listed below.
  • Supplies may be ordered through private vendors as deemed necessary due to availability or cost.
  • The District may also utilize the following procurement resources as available through NYS Contract:
  • A six month supply of disposable masks will be maintained for all staff.
  • A six month supply of disposable gloves will be maintained for all staff whose duties include cleaning or direct physical contact with others.
  • A six month supply of N95/equivalent masks, gowns, and face shields will be maintained for nursing staff.
  • An adequate supply of gowns and face shields will be maintained for all other staff to comply with physician orders or reasonable requests.
  • PPE will be stored in designated supply closets and storage rooms.




PPE Quantity Estimator


Essential Worker Tier # of Essential Workers Expected In-Person Shifts per Month Quantity Needed per Month Quantity Needed per Six Month Period
Tier 1 52.5 862.5 1731
Tier II 17 164 328 1968
Tier III 150 620 1240 7440

PPE Storage

PPE will be stored in designated supply closets and storage rooms, which are easily accessed, in each work location. A listing of inventory in each storage location will be posted visibly in each location.


Section 5: A description of the protocol in the event an employee or contractor is exposed to a known case of the communicable disease that is the subject of the public health emergency, exhibits symptoms of such disease, or tests positive for such disease in order to prevent the spread or contraction of such disease in the workplace. Such protocol shall also detail actions to be taken to immediately and thoroughly disinfect the work area of any employee or contractor known or suspected to be infected with the communicable disease as well as any common area surface and shared equipment such employee or contractor may have touched, and the employer policy on available leave in the event of the need of an employee to receive testing, treatment, isolation, or quarantine. Such protocol shall not involve any action that would violate any existing federal, state, or local law, including regarding sick leave or health information privacy.


Screening/Isolation Procedures


  • Canton Central School will conduct mandatory daily screening in accordance with existing privacy laws among employees prior to entry of the work location via an electronic questionnaire.
    • This screening questionnaire will ask employees to report any symptoms of the communicable disease, contact with positive individuals, travel to restricted areas, or known positive test results.
    • The questionnaire will prompt employees to contact their supervisor to discuss other concerns not listed before entering the worksite.
    • A failed screening will immediately notify the employee’s supervisor who will advise the employee not to report to work.
    • Results of the screening questionnaire populate a spreadsheet by which the Superintendent’s Office tracks all quarantines, disease related leaves, and other relevant metrics.
    • The supervisor, the Superintendent and the responsible Safety Officer will work together in partnership with the Department of Public Health to advise the employee on proper protocols given his/her specific situation, and to assist in contract tracing when necessary.


  • If an employee develops symptoms at work, Canton Central School will immediately direct the staff member to vacate the campus, return home and immediately contact their health care provider.
  • Should the employee be unable to immediately vacate the campus, the employee will isolate in a designated separate room until such time that the employee can leave.
  • Symptomatic individuals will be referred to an appropriate health care provider or testing site.



Responsibility of disinfection and cleaning will lie solely with custodial/maintenance/building and grounds staff. These workers have undergone specific training related to CDC approved methods of cleaning and handling of cleaning products. Other non-custodial employees are prohibited from bringing their own cleaning products from home, including aerosols, wipes, or sprays. Exceptions may be made in certain cases as determined by the Director of Facilities.


  • Any area determined to have been occupied by a suspected or confirmed positive individual will be vacated to the extent practicable.
    • The area will remain vacated, if practicable, for a period of time as determined by the guidance on the current communicable disease.
    • The area will receive maximum appropriate ventilation during this period of time including opening of windows.
    • After such time, or before if necessary, the area will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
      • Hard (Non-Porous) Surfaces
          • For disinfection, most common EPA-registered household disinfectants should be effective.
            • Use EPA approved products.
            • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for all cleaning and disinfection products for concentration, application method and contact time, etc.
            • Soft (Porous) Surfaces
      • Soft (Porous) Surfaces
          • For soft (porous) surfaces such as carpeted floor, rugs, and drapes, remove visible contamination if present and clean with appropriate cleaners indicated for use on these surfaces.
          • After cleaning, if the items can be laundered, launder items in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions using the warmest appropriate water setting for the items and then dry items completely.
          • Otherwise, use products that are EPA-approved for use against the virus that causes communicable disease and that are suitable for porous surfaces
      • Electronics
        • For electronics such as tablets, touch screens, keyboards, remote controls, remove visible contamination present.
            • Follow the manufacturer's instructions for all cleaning and disinfection products.
            • Consider the use of wipeable covers for electronics.
            • If no manufacturer guidance is available, consider the use of alcohol based wipes or sprays containing at least 70% alcohol to disinfect touch screens. Dry surfaces thoroughly to avoid pooling of liquids.

Notification of Positive Cases

In the event of a positive case of the communicable disease among Canton Central School employees, a notification will be emailed to the full staff with the general location of the positive case. No details or identifying information will be shared. The District will follow guidance from health authorities regarding that communicable disease and the notification of any potential contacts. In some cases, employees may be informed that the possible contact excludes them from reporting to work until official clearance is provided by health authorities.


Employee Leave

Employees shall be allowed leave time in accordance with applicable contract language and NYS/Federal mandates to accommodate necessary testing, treatment, quarantine, or isolation.



Section 6: A protocol for documenting precise hours and work locations, including off-site visits, for essential employees and contractors. Such protocol shall be designed only to aid in tracking of the disease and to identify the population of exposed employees and contractors in order to facilitate the provision of any benefits which may be available to certain employees and contractors on that basis.


Canton Central School will utilize WinCap and Aesop to track attendance for all employees.   Each work location will maintain a record of visitors by requiring sign-ins upon entry.  Each classroom will also maintain a log of visitors each day to determine movement within the buildings.


Section 7: A protocol for how the public employer will work with such employer's locality to identify sites for emergency housing for essential employees in order to further contain the spread of the communicable disease that is the subject of the declared emergency, to the extent applicable to the needs of the workplace.


In the event that an essential employee is in need of emergency housing, Canton Central School will refer the employee to the appropriate public health contact who will secure available emergency housing.  When necessary, Canton Central School will communicate with local public health officials to identify the employee as an essential worker.



Canton Central School welcomes feedback on this plan.  Please visit the website below to provide comments.