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3.3.2 Duties of the School District Treasurer

2014  1332

The Treasurer is appointed by the Board of Education at the Annual Organizational Meeting and will be covered by a blanket bond. In addition to the routine duties of accounting, filing, posting and preparing reports and statements concerning District finances, the District Treasurer shall perform other specific tasks as follows:
  1. Acts as custodian of all moneys belonging to the School District and lawfully deposits these moneys in the depositories designated by the Board;
  2. Pays all authorized obligations of the District as directed, including payments of bond principal and interest;
  3. Maintains proper records and files of all checks, and approved payment of bills and salaries;
  4. Makes all such entries and posts to all such financial ledgers, records and reports, including bond and note registers, as may be properly required to afford the District an acceptable and comprehensive financial accounting of the use of its moneys and financial transactions;
  5. Signs all checks drawn on District fund accounts provided that the District's Claims Auditor has attested to the authority to issue the check based upon proper evidence of a charge against the District's funds;
  6. Safeguards either his/her electronic signature and/or the check-signing machine and signature plate, personally overseeing all preparation of checks;
  7. Assumes other duties customary to the office.
Education Law Sections 2122, 2130 and 2523
Local Finance Law Sections 163 and 165
8 NYCRR Sections 170.2(g), 170.2(o) and 170.2(p)
9 NYCRR Section 540.4

Adoption Date: February 6, 2014